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Slip and fall accidents on wet tile are a major problem everywhere.  Now there is something you can do about it.  Slip Guard™ anti-slip applications will help solve these problems indoors or outdoors.

Slip Guard™ anti-slip application is a 3-step process developed to eliminate slippery tile floors when they become wet. When it is applied it creates a microscopic texture on the surface of the tile through an etching process.  You cannot see or feel it when it is dry, but when it becomes wet it is absolutely slip proof.  This application is easily installed, won't harm the grout or surrounding areas and it's permanent. It works GREAT on ceramic, porcelain, travertine, granite, marble and quarry tile. 

Slip Guard™ anti-slip applications will make your tile floors ADA compliant.  Independent test performed by the Tile Council of America showed an increase of nearly 100% in slip resistance when the tile was treated with our product.

Since 1987 Slip Guard™ anti-slip applications have been applied to over a million sq.ft. of tile.  We are recommended by the largest tile manufacturers in the world and guarantee your satisfaction. 


GodFathers Pizza

Ft. Lauderdale Port Authority,  Lauderdale FL

Flyng “J” Truck Stops

Alabama State Parks & Recreation Dept.

Burger King, New Hope MI

Marazzi Tile Corporation, Dallas TX

Veterans Hospitals,Lake City FL

Dal-Tile Corporation, Glendale, CA

Novell Computer Corp, Austin TX

Gainesville Airport, Gainesville FL

Dadeland Shopping Mall,Miami FL

Shell Oil Corporation, Reston VA

Rockville Metro Center,Washington

Lubys Cafeterias, San Antonio

North Cross Shopping Center, Austin TX

McDonalds Hamburgers, LA

Habersham Public Schools,Clarksville GA

Blue Cross BlueShield,IL

Florida School for Deaf & Blind,St. Augustine FL

YMCA, Chicago IL

Our Slip Guard™ anti-slip application is Safe, Permanent and Guaranteed.




  • Slip Guard guarantees the treated area to remain friction/effective for 3 years.  If the treated area should lose its effectiveness during this time, it is the purchaser’s responsibility to contact Slip Guard Systems immediately. The company will send additional material to the customer at no cost excluding shipping.

  • This warranty is contingent on the fact the treated area will be cleaned and maintained. Slip Guard cannot be responsible for the degree of slip resistance if the  treated area is covered by foreign substances, (I.e. wax, paint, caked in dirt, etc).

  • Slip Guard is designed to reduce the risk of slip and fall accidents, but SLIP GUARD SYSTEMS Inc does not guarantee to the customer, or any party against the occurrence of a slip/fall accidents. There are no warranties which extend beyond this.



The Answers You Need

What is the Slip Guard™ anti-slip application 3-step Process ?

  • This process actually creates a microscopic texture on the surface of the tile through an etching process.

Will it work on any tile ?

  • It will work on any hard surface tile such as glazed ceramic, porcelain, quarry and granite.

How easy is it to apply ?

  • If you can operate a garden sprayer you can apply Slip Guard Systems Inc. Slip Guard™ anti-slip application.

How long does it take to install ?

  • One person can install about 500 sq.ft. per hour and the floor can be used immediately after that.

How do I know if it will work on my tile ?

  • If you have concerns send us a sample.  We will treat and return it for your inspection.

Will it change the appearance of the tile ?

  • On a high gloss tile there can be a 10-15% reduction in the shine.

Is the Slip Guard™ anti-slip application safe ?

  • It is a mild acid blend with a low ph.  Like bleach or ammonia, caution should be used with all chemicals and they should be kept away from children.

How long will it last ?

  • That depends on the traffic.  Slip Guard™ anti-slip application will generally last the life of the tile.  When applied by our technicians we guarantee it for 3 years.  Check out our warranty.

Will it harm my grout ?

  • It will not harm your grout, or surrounding areas such as carpet, painted walls, wooden floors, drains or stainless steel equipment.


Happy Client, Happy Us


"Just wanted to tell you I applied Slip Guard this afternoon to my pool deck with no problems.  The directions were very clear and most of all  "It's Out Standing" I am very satisfied with your product and you were great to work with"


"WOW!!!!! I just used your product on my shower floor.  The difference is like night and day!  I'm going to recommend your product!"


"We installed tile in our pool bath house.  It was very slippery and we had several friends fall.  Since we applied your product we have had several parties and not a single slip or fall. Thanks for your wonderful product. ....Thanks"


"My mother is 84 years old.  After using Slip Guard on shower floor I am amazed at how well it worked.  I want to order 2 more bottles for my friends"


"My Restaurant was like a skating rink until I used Slip Guard.  I just wanted you to know how happy we are with the Slip Guard application".....